New Launch “Thai by Phojana”

Phojana… The traditional Sanskrit intepretation of “Savoey” in Thai,
meaning a “Feast or Gathering to Dine”.

The inspiration of Phojana Thai Art Cuisines come from being
authentically Thai, sometimes with a twist to create its own identity.
Some are home-grown recipes from the past 2-3 generations, some are
special recipes created together with the recommendation of by food
connoisseurs while most of the dishes are created the team.
The team of young Thai Chefs and kitchen staff from Phojana Thai, led by
the acclaimed Khun Buranee Rachjaibun (Nu-Lek), well-known for
her knowledge of rich Thai cultures and traditions, are all very passionate
about trying to create something uniquely the best.

Together with the Management of ZENSE, HEAVEN Bangkok, we proudly
present this menu that we hope will satisfy your high expectations of
really good Thai food.

We are ready and will keep on improving and learning…
Please feel free to give us your comments and suggestions.